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The Chinese word for father-in-law is

yue fu (yuè fù)

Chinese Definition

     1. 公公
     3. 岳父
     1. mountain peak
     2. used as a surname
     3. tall mountain
     4. parent-in-law
     1. father

Translations for and their definitions

     1. n. (Mandarin, Gan, Jin, Wu) father-in-law (husband's father)
     2. n. (archaic) eunuch
     3. n. (archaic) (Grand Preceptor)
     4. n. (dialectal Mandarin, Cantonese, dialectal Gan, dialectal Wu) maternal grandfather
     5. n. (dialectal Mandarin, Gan, dialectal Hakka, Huizhou, Handan Jin, Min Bei, Xiang, dialectal Wu) paternal grandfather
     6. n. old man; elderly man

     1. n. father-in-law (wife's father)

     1. (lb, cmn, archaic) the father and mother of a woman's husband

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