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The Chinese word for aunt is

ā yí

Chinese Definition

     1. 名词. 姑母,姨母,伯母,婶母,舅母
     2. 名词. (儿语)阿姨
     1. (Used in front of persons' given names or kinship terms to express familiarity (traditionally in rural or southern Chinese dialects).)
           阿爸 - Dad
           ^阿 ^扁 - A-Bian (w
           ^阿 ^甘 - A-Gump ((Forrest Gump))
     2. (zh-alt-form, 啊, tr=ā,á,ǎ,à,a, particle)
     3. big mound
     4. mountain
     5. fine silks
     6. bend; corner
     7. waterside
     8. nearby; near
     9. to flatter; to pander to
           阿ē諛奉承 - sweet-talking
     10. to be unfairly partial to
     11. (zh-alt-form, 屙, to excrete)
     1. maternal aunt (mother's sister)
     2. wife's sister
     3. co-wife (媵), concubine

Translations for and their definitions

     1. n. (informal, affectionate) auntie; maternal aunt (mother's sister)
     2. n.    (Cantonese) one's mother's younger sister
     3. n. (childish, affectionate) auntie: a form of address for any woman around one's mother's age
     4. n. A form of address for working-age female caretakers, including nurses, cleaning ladies, live-in staff, etc.
     5. n. (euphemistic) mom; mother


ā yí

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