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yào jì shī



Chinese > English
     1. n. pharmacist; chemist
English > Chinese
     1. 药剂师
     1. medicine; drug; pharmaceutical
     2. Angelica dahurica
           吃藥 - to take the medicine; slang to take illicit drugs
     3. orris root
     4. substance used for a particular purpose (e.g. poisoning, fermenting, explosion)
     5. leaf of the iris
           下藥 - to poison
     6. leaf of the Angelica dahurica
     7. to treat; to cure
     8. usage. This is the simplified form of 藥 that was used in Singapore from 1969 to 1976. Singapore, like the PRC, now uses 药.
     9. to poison
     1. to adjust; to make up (a concoction); to concoct
     2. (historical) contract for trading
     3. small piece of dough; dough which has been kneaded
     4. (TCM) medicinal preparation; concoction
     5. pharmaceutical preparation; medicament
     6. dose; dosage
     7. (chemistry) agent; reagent
     1. (historical, military) division of 2500 soldiers
     2. (military) division; a large body of troops composing part of an army
     3. army; troops; armed force
     4. to dispatch troops; to send troops
     5. the masses; populace; general public
     6. (historical) (A level of administrative division comprising ten major cities.)
     7. capital city; metropolis
     8. strategist; military adviser
     9. leader; chief; commander; head; captain
     10. teacher; instructor
     11. master; expert; specialist
     12. (Min Dong) to be an expert in; adept at; capable
     13. (Min Dong) (Respectful term of address for an expert in a trade or profession.)
     14. (religion) (Respectful title for monks, nuns and Taoist priests.)
     15. (historical) musician
     16. model; example; fine example
     17. to follow; to imitate; to follow the example of
     18. “Army” (䷆): the seventh hexagram of the I Ching
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yào jì shī

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