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hú luó bo



Chinese > English
     1. n. carrot
English > Chinese
     1. 正在编辑
     2. 胡萝卜
     1. beard; moustache; whiskers
     2. lane, alley, side street
     3. (historical) barbarian; a generic term for any non-Han peoples who lived to the north and west of China's borders
     4.    (historical) countries and peoples in the (Western Regions), including Persia, w, Daqin, and in Pre-Tang texts, India
     5.    (by extension) introduced from the northern or western non-Han peoples or from abroad; non-Chinese; foreign; imported
     6.    (musical instrument) Short for 胡琴 (huqin; general term for two-stringed bowed instruments with origins in the western non-Han peoples)
     7. (historical) (zh-div, 國) w, zh:胡國, State of Hu in the Spring and Autumn Period in modern-day Anhui, conquered by the w, Chu (state), State of Chu in 496 BCE
     8. outrageously; recklessly; wildly; foolishly
           胡 ^錦-濤 - Hu Jintao
     1. (botany) Creeping or trailing plants.
bó, bo
     1. radish
     2. to desire, want, long for
     3. fortune telling
     4. n. (now literary) radish
     5. intend
     6. prophecy
     7. wish, desire
     8. a surname
     9. to wish, to desire, to want
     10. v. (lb, cmn, literary) to divine
           工 欲 善 其 事,必 先 利 其 器。 - If a workman wishes to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools., ref=Duke Ling of Wei, Analects of Confucius (《論語·衛靈公》)
           如 閣下 欲 以 電郵 聯絡 政府 資訊 中心,請 透過 網頁:XYZ 傳送 問題。 - Please send your enquiries and suggestions to the Public Information Centre by email via the homepage: XYZ.
     11. about to
     12. (Hokkien, Min Dong) to want
           你 欲 佮 我 去 圖書館 無? - Do you want to go to the library with me?, MN
     13. (Hokkien, Min Dong) about to
           欲 落雨 矣,咱 著着 出去 收衫。 - It's about to rain! Let's go out to bring in the laundry., MN, tr=Beh lo̍h-hō͘--ah, lán tio̍h chhut-khì siu-saⁿ.
     14. (Hokkien) if
           欲 我,我 就tō 會 較早 睏。 - If I were you, I would've slept earlier., MN
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hú luó bo

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