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jí tā yǎn zòu jiā



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     1. 吉他弹奏者
     1. n. (musical instrument) guitar
           彈tán 吉他 - to play the guitar
           吉他 獨奏 - guitar solo
     1. auspicious; lucky
           Antonyms: 凶
           吉利 - auspicious; lucky
     2. good
     3. (Cantonese, euphemistic) empty
           Synonyms: 空
           橫掂 有 間 房fong4-2 吉 咗 喺度,不如 租 畀 人 住 啊。 - Since there's an empty room, why don't we rent it out?
           交 吉 卷 - Hand out an unanswered (empty) exam paper
     4. (Cantonese, euphemistic) emptiness; nothingness
           勞碌 一生 得 個 吉 - A lifetime of laborious hardworking amounts to nothing
     5. Short for 吉林, Jilin Province
     6. (Taiwan, internet slang) to accuse; to sue; to file a lawsuit; to press charges
           這 我 一定 吉 - I will definitely sue for this
     7. (place, zh, t=Ji County, county, prefecture-level city/Linfen, province/Shanxi, c/China)
tā, tuō
     1. (chiefly Mandarin Jin Xiang dialectal Wu originally gender-neutral; nowadays usually referring to males) he; him; she; her
           他 去 了。 - He went away.
           我 認識shi 他。 - I know him.
     2. A dummy pronoun. Compare another pronoun, (m, zh, 之), that is also a topicalizer
           睡 他 個 昏天黑地
           (Alternative form 它)
     3. other; another
           別 無 他 求 - have no other request (formal)
     4. usage. (sense, personal pronoun)
     5. usage. * Originally gender-neutral before the 1910s, when the character she; her was coined; now usually refers to males (also occasionally refers to females).
     6. usage. ** However, 他/她/牠/它/祂 is only a written distinction; they are all still pronounced as tā.
     7. usage. * This term can refer to a person of unknown gender or there is no need to mention gender of the person referred to, while they (singular).
     1. to develop; to evolve
           演變 - to develop
           演化 - to evolve
     2. to deduce
           推演 - deduce
           演算 - to perform mathematical calculations
     3. to perform; to act; to put on
           表演 - to perform
           演員 - performer
     4. to drill; to practice; to exercise
           演練 - to drill
           演習 - to do field practice
     1. (literary, or in compounds) to offer as tribute; to present with respect; to offer up; to dedicate to
     2. (historical) to present a memorial to an emperor
     3. (literary, or in compounds) to achieve; to gain; to obtain
     4. (literary, or in compounds) to play a musical instrument; to give an instrumental performance
     5. (historical) report; memorial
     6. (literary, or in compounds) beat; meter; rhythm
     7. Variant of 湊
     8. Variant of 腠
     1. to gather together; to assemble
     2. to approach; to come closer; to draw near
     3. to be close; to be near
     4. to happen by chance
     5. (Cantonese) to look after; to babysit
           我 係 阿婆 湊 大。 - I was raised by my grandma.
     1. the tissue between the skin and the flesh
jiā, jia
     1. Simplified form of 傢
     2. Only used in 大家#Pronunciation 3 (大家, tr=dàgū)
     1. stubborn, obstinate, intransigent
     2. Variant of 像
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jí tā yǎn zòu jiā

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