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Word Search puzzles are useful to help improve your word recognition, spelling and vocabulary. They make you keep the word in mind for better retention as you look for it in the grid. Using the provided meanings as clues, search for the appropriate German word in the grid. Circle the word by clicking on the first and last letters of the word.

Word Clues
1 1. adv. not
2 1. adv. so, that
3 pron. I
4 1. art. the; accusative masculine singular of der
2. art. the; dative plural for all genders of der
3. pron. that; whom; accusative singular of der
5 1. pron. (interrogative) what
3. pron. (relative) which (referring to the entire preceding clause)
6 1. prep. (in + dative) in; within; at; contained by
3. prep. (in + dative) pertaining to
7 1. pron. she
2. pron. it (when the object/article/thing/animal etc., referred to, is feminine (die))
3. pron. they; them
8 1. art. the; nominative singular neuter of der
2. art. the; accusative singular neuter of der
3. pron. who, that, which (relative) (In a subordinate clause, indicates a person or thing referenced in the main clause. Used with neuter singular referents).
9 1. prep. with (expressing attendance, company)
3. prep. with, by (instrumental)
10 1. pron. it (referring to things)
2. pron. he (with reference to male creatures, people etc. that are grammatically neuter)
3. pron. she (with reference to female creatures, people etc. that are grammatically neuter)
11 1. pron. (reflexive) Reflexive pronoun of the third person singular: herself, himself, itself, oneself (direct or indirect object).
2. pron. (reflexive) Reflexive pronoun of the third person plural: themselves (direct or indirect object).
12 1. conj. (co-ordinating) and
13 1. art. The; declined form of der
14 1. pron. (personal) he.
3. pron. (personal) it (when the grammatical gender of the object/article/thing/animal etc., being referred to, is masculine (der)).
15 1. prep. (with dative) on, upon
16 1. prep. to, towards
3. prep. along with; with
17 1. art. the; definite article for several declensions:
2. art.    Nominative singular masculine
3. art.    Genitive singular feminine
18 pron. thou, you (singular familiar)
19 1. num. one
20 v. third-person singular present of sein

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