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Word Search Game

Word Clues
1 Having a ready flow of words but lacking thought or understanding, superficial, shallow.; Smooth or slippery.
2 Something used to add taste or flavour to food, such as a condiment, herb or spice.; A coat of burnt soot inside a cooking vessel, which has formed over repeated use, and which renders the surface non sticking.
3 Someone who sits e.; One employed to watch or tend something, the general form of babysitter, housesitter, petsitter, etc.
4 With attention to tiny details.; On a minute scale.
5 A fight, usually with a huge amount of people involved.; To engage in a brawl, to fight or quarrel.
6 A severe, formal or official reproof, reprehension, rebuke, private or public.; To reprove in a formal or official way.
7 An act of revenge.; A form of recompense.
8 The roof of the mouth, the uraniscus.; The sense of taste.
9 Shredded vegetable matter used to cover the top layer of soil to protect, insulate, or decorate it, or to discourage weeds or retain moisture.; A material used as mulch, as a decorative redwood bark mulch.

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