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to punch


Swedish > English
     1. n. hit; punch
     2. n. the hit of a ball by a bat or a racket
     3. n. battle between two armies, navies or air forces
     4. n. stroke; the striking of a clock
           Klockan slog just tre slag
             The clock just struck three strokes
     5. n. stroke; the time when a clock strikes
           Han kom precis på slaget midnatt
             He came on the stroke of midnight
     6. n. (medicine) stroke; a loss of brain function arising when the blood supply to the brain is suddenly interrupted.
     7. n. kind; sort
           En fågel av ett ovanligt slag
             A bird of an unusual kind
     8. n. while; moment; a short period of time
           Kom hit ett slag!
             Come here a minute!
     9. n. A fold on the legs of a pair of trousers, where about an inch of the leg is folded upwards.

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