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to hit


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     1. v. hit, punch or beat (someone); to give a blow.
     2. v. strike; to hit, especially with some kind of tool.
     3. v. (of a clock) strike
           Klockan har just slagit tre
             It's just after three o'clock
     4. v. defeat; win against; to beat
           Hon slog världsrekordsinnehavaren
             She beat the world record holder
     5. v. break a record
           Hon har slagit världsrekord!
             She has broken a world record!
     6. v. to become a hit, to become very popular
     7. v. throw a die
     8. v. (certain board games) to take one of the opponents pieces out of play
           I schack är kungen den enda pjäs som inte får slås.
             In chess, the king is the only piece which may not be taken.
     9. v. cut, mow (with a scythe)
     10. n. a beam

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