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The Spanish word for to point


to point

Spanish Definition

     1. n. Punta, cabo
     2. n. Punto
     3. n. Momento
     4. n. Cuestión, asunto
     5. n. Sentido
     6. n. Cualidad
     7. n. Toma
     8. vt. Apuntar

Translations for point and their definitions

señalar con el dedo
     1. to point

     1. v. to indicate

     1. v. to point, to aim
     2. v. to point to, to point at, to point out, to indicate
     3. v. to underline, to mark (text)
     4. v. to note, to note down, to write down
     5. v. to outline, to sketch
     6. v. (transitive, reflexive, apuntarse) to sign up
     7. v. (reflexive, apuntarse) to be in, be down, be game
     8. v. to baste
     9. v. to tack
     10. v. to fasten temporarily
     11. v. to sharpen
     12. v. to point
     13. v. to patch, to darn, to sew, to mend
     14. v. to prompt, to cue, to whisper the answer
     15. v. to mention, to mention in passing
     16. v. to bet, to put up money, to stake
     17. v. to hint, to suggest



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