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The Spanish word for one


Spanish Definition

     1. adj. Uno, i, I o 1.
     2. Uno.
     3. n. El número uno.

Translations for one and their definitions

     1. pron. (Third person (also used for usted and ustedes) reflexive direct or indirect object) oneself, himself, herself, itself, yourself; each other; one another
     2. pron. (Used to convey the meaning of the English passive voice in the third person and with) usted and ustedes.
           ¿Cómo se llama? - How do you call yourself?
           Se dice que... - It says itself that...
           Aquí se habla español - Spanish speaks itself here.
     3. pron. (Used instead of indirect object pronouns) le and les (before the direct object pronouns lo, la, los, or las.)
           El samaritano se las dio. — “The Samaritan gave them to him.”
     4. v. misspelling of es, sé

     1. adj. unique; sole; single; only
     2. adj. solitary; alone

     1. num. one
     2. det. one
     3. pron. one
     4. v. first-person singular present indicative of unir

     1. adj. (before the noun) apocopic form of uno one
     2. art. a

     1. adj. feminine singular of adjective uno
     2. art. feminine singular of un
     3. n. feminine noun of uno
     4. pron. we (an indefinite plural pronoun using a singular feminine item, used for females)
     5. v. formal second-person singular imperative of unir
     6. v. first-person singular present subjunctive of unir
     7. v. formal second-person singular present subjunctive of unir
     8. v. third-person singular present subjunctive of unir
     9. v. cln, es, basic words, terms with multiple etymologies, three-letter words


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