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Practice Listening with Spanish StudyBook

StudyBook by Lexis Rex is an audio book designed for Spanish listening comprehension by giving you complete control of the audio playback so you can listen at your own pace.

Each sentence is split into sections of speech, and you can step through the audio one section at a time. Arrow keys give you easy control of the playback, you can rewind with the back arrow key, re-listen with the down arrow key or move forward with the right arrow key. In this way you can go over a section again and again and learn to understand what the native speaker says at your own pace. An English translation is provided, and you can create your own mp3 files with customised sections of the audio.

The Spanish StudyBook contains 25 stories from Aesop's fables. Download the demo with one of the stories to try the software out.

Step 1: Download the demo and try it out:

Step 2: Happy? Purchase the full version for $5.50 USD:

Step 3: And download the full version:

Version History

Date Version   Notes
20 Mar 2017 1.5 Added an English translation
Turned on the ability to create MP3 files