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Google Translation:
peguen ese mueble a la pared

     1. v. second-person plural imperative of pegar
     2. v. second-person plural present subjunctive of pegar
     3. v. third-person plural present subjunctive of pegar
          1. v. to stick
          2. v. to glue
          3. v. to hit
     1. adj. that
     2. interj. (Mexico, informal) hello
     3. pron. alternative spelling of ése
ese ciervo ingenuo no tenía corazón
     1. n. a piece of furniture
     1. prep. to
     2. prep. by
     3. prep. at
     4. prep. Used before words referring to people, pets, or personified objects or places that function as direct objects: personal a.
           Lo busca a Usted. — “He is looking for you.”
a un matorral
vio junto a ella
     1. art. the
     2. pron. Accusative of ella, ello (when the antecedent's implied gender is feminine), and usted (when referring to a woman); her, it, you (formal)
     3. pron. Impersonal neuter pronoun (accusative) in certain colloquial phrases: 'it', 'this'.
           La sabe toda.
           He/she knows everything (it all)
           ¡Dónde la viste!
           Where have you seen this!
           No te la creo.
           I don't believe you.
     4. n. la (sixth note of the scale)
     5. n. A (the musical note or key)
la del pantano
y dijo la zorra
     1. n. A wall.
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