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     1. n. use
     2. n. usage; habit
     3. n. wear (degradation)
     4. v. first-person singular present indicative of usar
          1. v. to use
          2. v. to wear
          3. v. to consume
          4. v. (reflexive) to be used
          5. v. (reflexive) to be fashionable
     1. pron. (Third person (also used for usted and ustedes) reflexive direct or indirect object) oneself, himself, herself, itself, yourself; each other; one another
     2. pron. (Used to convey the meaning of the English passive voice in the third person and with) usted and ustedes.
           ¿Cómo se llama? - How do you call yourself?
           Se dice que... - It says itself that...
           Aquí se habla español - Spanish speaks itself here.
     3. pron. (Used instead of indirect object pronouns) le and les (before the direct object pronouns lo, la, los, or las.)
           El samaritano se las dio. — “The Samaritan gave them to him.”
     4. v. misspelling of es, sé
se retiró
y se llevó
     1. v. third-person singular present indicative of emplear
     2. v. informal second-person singular affirmative imperative of emplear
          1. v. to hire
          2. v. to use (employ, apply)
          3. v. to use (consume, spend)
     1. adv. more
           Teresa es más lista que su hermano.
             Teresa is more clever than her brother.
     2. adv. most
     3. adv. furthermore
     4. adv. in addition
     5. adv. else
     6. adj. more
     7. adj. most
     8. conj. (mathematics) plus
           uno más uno es igual a dos - one plus one is equal to two
y más segura
más nos vale
     1. adv. as (to such an extent or degree)
           No es tan alta como nosotras. - She's not as tall as us.
     2. adv. like, about (approximately)
           Hemos esperado como media hora. - We've waited like half an hour.
     3. conj. as (introducing a basis of comparison or equality)
           ¿Tienes tanta hambre como yo? - Are you as hungry as I am?
     4. conj. as, since (being that)
           Como nunca vio me mensaje, vamos sin ella. - Since she never saw my message, we're going without her.
     5. conj. how (in which way)
           Me gusta como hablas. - I like the way you talk.
     6. conj. (followed by the subjunctive) if, unless (under the condition that)
           Como llegues tarde otra vez, ¡te mato! - If you arrive late again, I'll kill you!
     7. prep. as (in the manner or role specified)
           Mis ahijados me ven como un tío. - My godchildren see me as an uncle.
     8. prep. such as (for example)
           Algunos países de Asia, como Laos y Vietnam... - Some countries in Asia, such as Laos and Vietnam...
     9. prep. like (similar to, reminiscent of)
           Llevan gafas redondas como las de John Lennon. - They wear round glasses like John Lennon's.
     10. v. first-person singular present indicative of comer
como sabes
como pago a sus gestiones
          1. v. to eat
                ¿Cómo como? ¿Cómo cómo como? ¡Como como como! (classroom example of written accent)
                  How do I eat? What do you mean, how do I eat? I eat like I eat!
          2. v. (colloquial) to eat away, corrode
          3. v. (transitive, chess, board games) to capture a piece
          4. v. (double entendre, Mexico) to have sexual intercourse (because of similarity to coger)
          5. n-m. eating, food
                quitárselo uno de su comer
                  “to deprive oneself of something for the benefit of others”
                el comer fuera es muy común
                  “eating out is very common”
                ...necesario para el alma como el comer para el cuerpo
                  “...necessary for the soul like food for the body”
     1. adj. substantive
     2. n. noun, substantive
          1. v. to substantivise
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