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Google Translation:
Por extensión, flotar en un medio líquido

     1. prep. by
     2. prep. for
     3. prep. through
     4. prep. due to
     5. prep. (used with directions) over
     1. n. tract (an area)
     2. n. extension
     1. v. to float
     1. prep. in, at, on
     2. prep. in (a time)
     3. prep. in (a language)
     4. prep. (used after some verbs and translated by various prepositions in English)
     5. prep. in (used in various expressions)
     1. adj. (before the noun) apocopic form of uno one
     2. art. a
     1. adj. half, half a/an
     2. adj. middle, mid
     3. adj. mid, in the middle of
     4. adj. mean, average
     5. adj. a bit of a, somewhat of a
     6. n. middle, center
     7. n. half
     8. n. medium (spiritualism)
     9. n. method, way
     10. n. (plural) means
     11. n. channel, vehicle, medium
     12. n. (plural) media
     13. n. (plural) resources, funds, means
     14. n. environment, surroundings, medium, milieu
     15. n. society
     16. n. habitat
     17. n. (football) halfback
     18. n. middle course
     19. n. (Mexico) medio (an ancient coin)
     20. n. (Peru, Cuba) five cents
     21. adv. half, partly
     22. v. first-person present indicative of mediar
          1. v. to mediate
          2. v. to center, to give a central, medium or average value
     1. adj. liquid
     2. n. liquid
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