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Google Translation:
No sé dibujar ni una mesa

     1. adv. no
     2. adv. not
     3. interj. eh? (used as a tag question, to emphasise what goes before or to request that the listener express an opinion about what has been said)
     4. n-m. no
     5. n. (abbreviation of número); no.
mas no tardó
el jabalí no
     1. v. first-person singular present indicative of saber
           No sé. - I do not know.
     2. v. informal second-person singular positive imperative of ser
           ¡Sé un voluntario! - Be a volunteer!
     3. interj. (colloquial, Chile, Mexico) yes
sé humilde como un cordero
sé siempre honesto en tu vida
          1. v. to know (a fact)
                Sé que volverá. - I know it'll come back.
          2. v. to know how to do something
                Sabe hablar español. - He knows how to speak Spanish.
          3. v. (in the preterite tense) to find out
          4. v. to taste
                Sabe a pollo. - It tastes like chicken.
          5. n. knowledge
          1. v. to be (essentially or identified as).
                Yo soy de los Estados Unidos. - I am from the United States.
                Errar es humano. - To err is human.
          2. v. to be (in the passive voice sense)
                La guitarra fue tocada. - The guitar was played.
          3. v. to exist; to occur
                La fiesta será mañana. - The party will be tomorrow.
          4. n-m. a being, organism
          5. n-m. nature, essence
          6. n-m. value, worth
no sé
     1. Phrase. I don't know
     1. v. to draw, to sketch
     2. v. to describe vividly, to detail
     3. v. to outline
     1. conj. (coordinating) neither... nor
           Ni Juan, ni Pedro ni Felipe te darán la razón. - Neither John, nor Peter, nor Phillip will give you the reason.
     2. conj. nor, or
           No descansa de día ni de noche. - He doesn't rest at day or at night.
     3. adv. not even, even
           No descansaba ni por un minuto - I didn't rest even for a minute.
     4. n-f. nu; the Greek letter Ν, ν
y ni asomo de carnero
ni a quien debes acusar
     1. adj. feminine singular of adjective uno
     2. art. feminine singular of un
     3. n. feminine noun of uno
     4. pron. we (an indefinite plural pronoun using a singular feminine item, used for females)
     5. v. formal second-person singular imperative of unir
     6. v. first-person singular present subjunctive of unir
     7. v. formal second-person singular present subjunctive of unir
     8. v. third-person singular present subjunctive of unir
     9. v. cln, es, basic words, terms with multiple etymologies, three-letter words
una a una
una a una
          1. v. to unite
          2. v. to merge, conflate
          1. adj. (before the noun) apocopic form of uno one
          2. art. a
     1. n. table
     2. n. mesa
cuando se hubiera echado junto a la mesa
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