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Google Translation:
Llana, instrumento de albañil

     1. adj. feminine singular of adjective llano
     2. n. trowel
          1. adj. even; flat; level
          2. adj. plain
          3. adj. straightforward
          4. n. plain (an open, grassy, mostly treeless land)
     1. n. instrument (device)
     2. n. (musical) instrument
     3. n. tool, means
     4. n. (law) instrument
     5. n. (vulgar) tool (a term for the penis)
     6. v. first-person singular present indicative of instrumentar
          1. v. to orchestrate
     1. prep. of; ’s; used after the thing owned and before the owner
           Constitución española de 1812 - Spanish constitution of 1812
           la cola del perro - the dog’s tail
     2. prep. from
           Soy de España. - I’m from Spain.
     3. prep. of, from (indicating cause)
           Él murió de hambre. - He died of hunger.
     4. prep. used to construct compound nouns (with attributive nouns)
           campamento de verano - summer camp
de un león dormido
de esos grandes héroes
     1. n-m. mason, bricklayer
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