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Google Translation:
Hombre alto y corpulento

     1. n. Man, in the sense of adult male human.
     2. n. Man, in the sense of all humans collectively; mankind, humankind.
     3. n. (anthropology, archaeology, paleontology) man, in the sense of an individual of the species Homo sapiens, the genus Homo, or the subtribe Hominina.
     4. n. (colloquial) Husband.
     5. n. a top in male-male sex.
     6. n. a 17th century card game also called ombre.
     7. interj. Man!
     8. interj. Hey!
     9. interj. Oh, come on!
     1. adj. tall
           Esas chicas son altas. - Those girls are tall.
     2. adj. high
           Es un número alto. - It's a high number.
     3. adj. loud
           En voz alta. - Out loud.
     4. n. stop
     5. n. break, pause, rest
     6. n. (traffic) stop (signal)
     7. n. (traffic) red light
     8. interj. halt!; stop!
     1. Letter. The 26th letter of the Spanish alphabet.
     2. conj. and
     3. conj. (in names of number) and
           setenta y seis - seventy-six
     4. conj. (in arithmetic) plus, and
           uno y uno son dos - one plus one is two
     5. conj. (informal) well
           ¡Y por supuesto! - Well, of course!
     1. adj. corpulent, stout
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