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Google Translation:
Hacer un dibujo

     1. v. to do, to make
     2. v. to play (a part in a play)
     3. v. (reflexive) to become; to get
           ¡Hazte vegetariano! - Become vegetarian!
           Me haré rico. - I will get rich.
     4. v. (reflexive) to get used to
     5. n. doing, action
en hacer rey al intrépido lobo
     1. adj. (before the noun) apocopic form of uno one
     2. art. a
hay un modo
un carretón
     1. n. drawing
     2. n. tread (grooves in tire)
     3. v. first-person singular present indicative of dibujar
           Dibujo. — “I draw.”
          1. v. to draw, to sketch
          2. v. to describe vividly, to detail
          3. v. to outline
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