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Google Translation:
Estaba en la piel y el hueso

     1. v. first-person singular imperfect indicative of estar
     2. v. second-person singular imperfect indicative of estar
     3. v. third-person singular imperfect indicative of estar
donde ella estaba
que estaba hambrienta
          1. v. To have a (transient) location in space. Compare ser, quedar.
          2. v. Denotes a copula, in a transient fashion. Compare ser.
          3. v. Auxiliary verb for the progressive aspect, precedes the gerund of the verb.
     1. prep. in, at, on
     2. prep. in (a time)
     3. prep. in (a language)
     4. prep. (used after some verbs and translated by various prepositions in English)
     5. prep. in (used in various expressions)
y confía en tí
y en cuanto a mí
     1. art. the
     2. pron. Accusative of ella, ello (when the antecedent's implied gender is feminine), and usted (when referring to a woman); her, it, you (formal)
     3. pron. Impersonal neuter pronoun (accusative) in certain colloquial phrases: 'it', 'this'.
           La sabe toda.
           He/she knows everything (it all)
           ¡Dónde la viste!
           Where have you seen this!
           No te la creo.
           I don't believe you.
     4. n. la (sixth note of the scale)
     5. n. A (the musical note or key)
y de la discusión
la zorra y el perro
     1. n. skin
     2. n. fur
     1. conj. and
           setenta y seis - “seventy-six”
     2. conj. plus
           uno y uno son dos - “one plus one is two”
     3. conj. well
           ¡y por supuesto! - “well, of course!”
y se secó
y los gallos
     1. art. Masculine singular definite article, the.
     2. art. Feminine singular definite article used before nouns which start with a stressed /a/:
siendo tu el rey
observó el león
     1. n. (anatomy) bone.
     2. n. (botany) A stone, the central part of some fruits, consisting of the seed and a hard endocarp layer (like those of peach, avocado and mango).
     3. n. (politics, Mexico, slang) a political position (designated or elected).
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