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     1. prep. since
           desde que murió - since he died
     2. prep. from (a location)
           Empieza desde la línea 20. - Start from line 20.
     3. prep. starting at (a quantity, such as a price)
           televisores desde $200 - televisions starting at $200
desde entonces
quien desde hacía tiempo se hallaba en guerra
     1. conj. then; at that time; next.
           Desde entonces, siempre he tenido cuidado. - Since then I've always been careful.
           Entonces, el ladrón se fue. - After that, the thief left.
     2. conj. then, therefore, so
           Estaba lloviendo antes, entonces debes traer un paraguas. - It was raining before, so you should bring an umbrella.
desde entonces
     1. v. formal second-person singular preterite indicative of ir
     2. v. third-person singular preterite indicative of ir
     3. v. formal second-person singular preterite indicative of ser
     4. v. third-person singular preterite indicative of ser
fue matar a los perros
          1. v. to go
          2. v. (reflexive) to go away, to leave (see irse)
          3. v. (with a followed by the infinitive), to be going to (near future)
                Hoy vamos a ver una película.
                  Today we are going to see a movie.
          1. v. to be (essentially or identified as).
                Yo soy de los Estados Unidos. - I am from the United States.
                Errar es humano. - To err is human.
          2. v. to be (in the passive voice sense)
                La guitarra fue tocada. - The guitar was played.
          3. v. to exist; to occur
                La fiesta será mañana. - The party will be tomorrow.
          4. n-m. a being, organism
          5. n-m. nature, essence
          6. n-m. value, worth
     1. pron. feminine singular of suyo
     2. adj. feminine singular of suyo
     suyo His
     1. art. the
     2. pron. accusative of ella, ello (when the antecedent's implied gender is feminine), and usted (when referring to a woman); her, it, you (formal)
     3. pron. Impersonal neuter pronoun (accusative) in certain colloquial phrases: 'it', 'this'.
           La sabe toda.
             He/she knows everything (it all)
           ¡Dónde la viste!
             Where have you seen this!
           No te la creo.
             I don't believe you.
     4. n. (music) la (sixth note of the scale)
     5. n. (music) A (the musical note or key)
la vio un cazador
y de la discusión
     1. n. sentence
     2. n. clause
     3. n. prayer
     4. n. oration
     1. contraction. of the, from the (+ a masculine noun in singular).
la del pantano
y la del camino
          1. prep. of; ’s; used after the thing owned and before the owner
                Constitución española de 1812 - Spanish constitution of 1812
                la cola del perro - the dog’s tail
          2. prep. from
                Soy de España. - I’m from Spain.
          3. prep. of, from (indicating cause)
                Él murió de hambre. - He died of hunger.
          4. prep. used to construct compound nouns (with attributive nouns)
                campamento de verano - summer camp
          1. art. Masculine singular definite article; the.
          2. art. Feminine singular definite article used before nouns which start with a stressed 'a':
                el alma, pl. las almas
                el hacha, pl. las hachas
     1. adj. traveling
     2. n. hiker, walker
     3. n. traveler
          1. v. third-person plural present indicative of caminar
          2. v. second-person plural present indicative of caminar
          1. v. to walk
          2. v. to stroll
          3. v. to travel
          4. v. to go on
          1. pron. indirect object form of tú: to you, for you
                Te voy a hacer tus calzones.... - I’m going to make your britches
          2. pron. (reflexive pronoun): yourself
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