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Use this page to analyse and learn Spanish text. You can copy text into the box below or get a random sentence from our database. Press the Analyse button to get translations of the text and words.

     1. n-f. quality (level of excellence)
     2. n-f. (Louisiana) kind, type
     1. Letter. The 16th letter of the Spanish alphabet.
     2. n. (abbreviation of oeste); west
     3. conj. or
           ¿Quieres un café o algo? - Do you want a coffee or something?
     4. conj. either … or
     1. n-f. quality (property or attribute)
     1. prep. of; ’s; used after the thing owned and before the owner
           Constitución española de 1812 - Spanish constitution of 1812
           la cola del perro - the dog’s tail
     2. prep. from
           Soy de España. - I’m from Spain.
     3. prep. of, from (indicating cause)
           Él murió de hambre. - He died of hunger.
     4. prep. used to construct compound nouns (with attributive nouns)
           campamento de verano - summer camp
y de la discusión
y engañado de nuevo
     1. adj. sagacious, prudent, visionary
     2. adj. acute; astute
     3. adj. (canine) proficient at dragging (prey)
     4. adj. (zoology) markedly clairvoyant
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