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     1. n. friendship
contra la amistad
nunca traiciones la amistad sincera
     1. adj. feminine singular of adjective íntimo
          1. adj. intimate
          2. adj. private
          3. adj. familiar, cosy
          4. adj. close
     1. prep. between
     2. prep. among, amongst
     3. v. formal second-person singular imperative of entrar
     4. v. first-person singular present subjunctive of entrar
     5. v. formal second-person singular present subjunctive of entrar
     6. v. third-person singular present subjunctive of entrar
y de pensamiento entre los miembros
          1. v. to enter, to go into, to start
     1. num. (cln, es, cardinal numbers) two
que vino dos veces a la casa
vivían dos ranas en un bello pantano
     1. Letter. The 16th letter of the Spanish alphabet.
     2. n. (abbreviation of oeste); west
     3. conj. or
           ¿Quieres un café o algo? - Do you want a coffee or something?
     4. conj. either … or
     1. adv. more
           Teresa es más lista que su hermano.
             Teresa is more clever than her brother.
     2. adv. most
     3. adv. furthermore
     4. adv. in addition
     5. adv. else
     6. adj. more
     7. adj. most
     8. conj. (mathematics) plus
           uno más uno es igual a dos - one plus one is equal to two
y más segura
más nos vale
     1. n. plural of persona
          1. n. person
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