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¿Está el ternero en la carreta?

     1. v. formal second-person singular present indicative of estar
     2. v. third-person singular present indicative of estar; (he/she/it/one) is
     3. v. informal second-person singular positive imperative of estar
está decidido
y está pensando
          1. v. to be (have a (transient) location in space). Compare (m, es, ser), m, es, quedar.
                ¿Dónde estás? - Where are you?
                Estoy en casa. - I am at home.
          2. v. to be (Denotes a copula, in a transient fashion). Compare (m, es, ser).
                El tiempo estaba frío. - The weather was cold back then.
                ¿Estás feliz? - Are you happy right now?
          3. v. to be (Auxiliary verb for the progressive/continuous aspect) (precedes the gerund of the verb)
                Ella está cantando. - She is singing.
          4. v. to be (in the passive voice sense)
                Los vasos están rotos. - The vases are broken. (In passive voice with estar, unlike haber, its past participle agrees with number and gender of the subject)
          5. v. (reflexive) To be, feel (Denotes a copula, in a transient fashion)
     1. art. Masculine singular definite article; the.
     2. art. Feminine singular definite article used before nouns which start with a stressed 'a':
           el alma, pl. las almas
           el hacha, pl. las hachas
el águila
dijo el león
     1. n. calf; young cow
     1. prep. in, at, on
           Estoy en casa. - I'm at home.
           Estoy sentado en la computadora. - I'm sitting at the computer.
           en esta página - on this page
           en la caja en la mesa - in the box on the table
     2. prep. in (a time)
           en la antigüedad - in antiquity
           en 1999 - in 1999
     3. prep. in (a language)
           No conozco esta palabra en francés. - I don't know this word in French.
           en todos los idiomas - in all languages
     4. prep. used after some verbs and translated by various prepositions in English
           Pienso en tí. - I'm thinking of you.
     5. prep. in (in various expressions)
           en el sentido - in the sense
           en nuestro afán - in our eagerness
en cambio
y confía en tí
     1. art. the
     2. pron. accusative of ella, ello (when the antecedent's implied gender is feminine), and usted (when referring to a woman); her, it, you (formal)
     3. pron. Impersonal neuter pronoun (accusative) in certain colloquial phrases: 'it', 'this'.
           La sabe toda.
             He/she knows everything (it all)
           ¡Dónde la viste!
             Where have you seen this!
           No te la creo.
             I don't believe you.
     4. n. (music) la (sixth note of the scale)
     5. n. (music) A (the musical note or key)
y dijo la zorra
contra la amistad
     1. n. cart, dray
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