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Dame cuanto tienes



     1. v. Compound of the informal second-person singular (tú) imperative form of dar, da and the pronoun me: give me!
          1. v. second-person singular present indicative of dar
          2. v. third-person singular present indicative of dar
          3. v. informal second-person singular positive imperative of dar
          1. vt. to give
          2. vt. to hand over
          3. vt. to hit
          4. vt. to emit
          5. vt. to produce
          6. vt. to perform
          7. vt. to consider
          8. vt. to overlook
          9. vt. to encounter, to run into
          10. vt. to hit upon
          11. vt. to give, to stretch
          12. vr. to occur
          13. vr. to grow
          14. vr. to hit oneself against
          15. vr. to realize or notice something
          16. v. to brag or boast about
          17. vr. to surrender
          18. vr. + por to assume
          1. pron. (personal direct object) me
          2. pron. (personal indirect object) to me, for me
          3. pron. (personal reflexive) myself
     1. pron. whatever quantity, as much, however much
     2. pron. (in “en cuanto a...”) however much concern, “regard”
     3. pron. (in “en cuanto”) as much time, “the moment”, “the meantime”
     4. adj. as much of, as many, however much, however many
     5. adj. (used in plural) as many things or people, all
     6. adj. (after “unos”) few, quite a few. A handful
     7. adj. (with comparatives) however much, however many, (constructing parallel comparatives) “the..., the...”
     8. adv. as much, however much, in whatever quantity
     9. n. (physics) quantum
     1. v. informal second-person singular present indicative of tener
          1. vt. To have, possess an object.
          2. vt. To possess a condition or quality.
          3. vt. To hold, grasp.
          4. vt. To contain.
          5. vt. To feel (internally).
          6. vt. To make to feel.
          7. vt. To be of a measure or age.

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