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tapa dura


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tapa dura
     1. n-f. hardback, hardcover
     1. n. lid, cap (the top or cover of a container)
     2. n. the bottom of a shoe's heel
     3. n. cover (the front and back of a book)
           de tapa blanda - softcover
           de tapa dura - hardcover
          1. v. to cover
          2. v. to close with a lid, put a lid on
          3. v. to fill a hole or pit
          4. v. to block, obstruct
          5. v. to hide, conceal
     1. adj. feminine singular of adjective duro
     2. v. third-person singular present indicative of durar
     3. v. informal second-person singular affirmative imperative of durar
          1. v. to last
                Un partido de fútbol dura 90 minutos.
                  A football match lasts 90 minutes.
          2. v. to take time
          1. adj. hard
          2. adj. firm, solid
          3. adj. tough, resilient, strong
          4. adj. cruel, severe, harsh
          5. adj. unbearable, offensive

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