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por sí solo


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por sí solo
     1. adv. on one's own
     1. prep. by (indicates the creator of a work)
           La novela Cien años de Soledad fue escrita por Gabriel García Márquez. - The novel One Hundred Years of Solitude was written by Gabriel García Márquez.
     2. prep. for (indicates something given in an exchange)
           Lo compré por cincuenta euros. - I bought this for fifty euros.
     3. prep. through
     1. part. yes, affirmation. Commonly used to respond affirmatively to a question.
     2. n-m. yes; aye, ay; approbation, acceptance
           Ganaron los síes. - The ayes have it.
     3. pron. himself, herself, itself, themselves, yourself, yourselves (form of se used after prepositions)
           para sí - for himself/herself/itself/themselves/yourself/yourselves
     1. adj. sole, only, unique, single
     2. adj. lonely, lonesome
     3. adj. alone, by oneself
     4. adv. only, solely, just
           Solo quiero salir. - I just want to leave.

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