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por otra parte


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por otra parte
     1. adv. otherwise. In all other respects.
     2. adv. on the other hand
     1. prep. by (indicates the creator of a work)
           La novela Cien años de Soledad fue escrita por Gabriel García Márquez. - The novel One Hundred Years of Solitude was written by Gabriel García Márquez.
     2. prep. for (indicates something given in an exchange)
           Lo compré por cincuenta euros. - I bought this for fifty euros.
     3. prep. through
     1. adj. feminine singular of adjective otro
     2. pron. feminine singular of otro
          1. adj. other, another
          2. interj. "Not again!" or "What, again?" (also Otra vez! or Otra vez?)
     1. n-f. part, section, portion
     2. n-f. place, somewhere
           Ve con tu ruido a otra parte. - Take your noise somewhere else.
     3. n-f. side
           Ese mueble va en esa otra parte. - That furniture goes on the other side.
          1. v. to divide, split
          2. v. to go away, leave, depart
          3. v. (reflexive, partirse) to crack up, have a laugh
          4. v. (colloquial, reflexive, partirse) to fall in love

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