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por lo demás


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por lo demás
     1. adv. otherwise, in all other respects.
     1. prep. by (indicates the creator of a work)
           La novela Cien años de Soledad fue escrita por Gabriel García Márquez. - The novel One Hundred Years of Solitude was written by Gabriel García Márquez.
     2. prep. for (indicates something given in an exchange)
           Lo compré por cincuenta euros. - I bought this for fifty euros.
     3. prep. through
     1. art. neuter definite article used to make abstract nouns from adjectives; the
           lo pobre
             the poorness (about)
             the poor (thing about)
             that (which is) poor (about)
     1. adj. other, remaining
           los demás pasajeros - the other passengers
     2. adv. (obsolete) besides, in addition to
     3. pron. others, other ones

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