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luces traseras


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luces traseras
     1. n. plural of luz trasera
     2. n. taillights
     1. n. plural of luz
     2. v. informal second-person singular present indicative of lucir
          1. v. to shine
          2. v. to show off, to display
          3. v. to sport
          1. n. light
          2. n. (anatomy) lumen
          3. n. (figurative usually in the plural) brightness, intelligence
                Vas a llegar con menos luces. - You're going to get there with less intellect.
          4. n. (figurative) focus, point of view, understanding
     1. adj. feminine plural of trasero
          1. adj. back, back-side, rear-side, posterior
                al asiento trasero
                  in the back seat
          2. n. (slang) butt

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