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así que


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así que
     1. conj. so
     1. adv. like this; like that; as such; thus; so
           Así es la vida. - Such is life.
     2. adv. (followed by a subjunctive clause) (Used to express wishes of misfortune against someone, or to cast a spell)
           ¡Así reciba un dolor de cabeza! - I hope he gets a headache! or May he get a headache!
     3. v. first-person singular preterit indicative of asir
          1. v. to grab; to seize
          2. v. to cling to
          3. v. (reflexive) to grab; to seize
     1. conj. that
           Él dice que está triste. - He says that he/she is sad.
     2. conj. than
           Llego más tarde que tú. - I am arriving later than you.
     3. conj. indicating a reason, roughly because

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