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The Russian word for two is


Russian Definition

     1. два
     2. двойка
      The number 2202 contains three twos. - Число 2202 содержит три двойки.
     3. пара
      Counting by twos is sometimes called «skip counting» because every other number or count is skipped.
      Tartan twos are multi-purpose opening bids of two hearts and two spades.
      I noticed that I have quite a few photographs that represent things that are in twos.
     4. банкнота в два доллара
      Many cash register drawers have slots for ones, fives, tens, and twenties, but not twos.
     5. двухлетний ребёнок
      arents often describe the trials and tribulations of raising 2-year-olds as «the terrible twos.»
      Cough and cold products for under-twos recalled.


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