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Translations for mother and their definitions

     1. n. mother (female parent)
     2. n. mother (source, origin)
     3. n. matron of a house
     4. n. honorific title
     5. n. woman
     6. n. nurse
     7. n. motherland
     8. n. maternity, motherhood

     1. n. mother
     2. n. ancestress

     1. adj. greatest (i, in various senses):
     2. adj.          (of size) biggest, largest
     3. adj.          (of number, value, amount) largest
     4. adj.         # (of sound) loudest
     5. adj.         # (law, of property) unencumbered
              #     uti optimae maximaeque sunt (aedes) - the building is free from any encumberance
     6. adj.          (of age) oldest, eldest
                   maximus natu - the eldest
     7. adj.          (of degree) highest, utmost
                   maximo opere - extremely, vehemently, with the greatest intensity
     8. adj.          (of things) most important, chief, leading, critical
                   maximi facere - to value greatly, make much of
     9. adj.          (of power, or reputation) mightiest, most eminent, senior or distinguished
                   annales maximi - the annals compiled by the Pontifex Maximus
     10. adj.          (with, agent nouns) outstanding (denoting excellence in a special activity)
     11. adj.          (of mind, spirit) most confident, bravest; most generous

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