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Translations for man and their definitions

     1. n. man in the sense of "adult male human".
     2. n. adult, mature, or grown man
     3. n. brave or courageous man, hero, warrior
     4. n. husband
     5. n. (military) foot soldier

     1. n. man in the sense of male human being
     2. adj. male, masculine, manly

     1. n. A human being, a man (in the sense of human being), a human, a person.
           Homo homini lupus est. - Man is a wolf to man.
           Alere nolunt hominem edacem. - They won't keep a greedy person.
           Homines, dum docent, discunt. - People learn while they teach.
     2. n. sir, fellow
           Tu, homo, adigis me ad insaniam. - You, sir, are driving me insane.
     3. n. (Medieval Latin) husband

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