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The Latin word for to hold is

to hold

Translations for to hold and their definitions

     1. v. to hold, have; grasp
     2. v. to possess, occupy, control
     3. v. to watch, guard, maintain, defend; retain, keep
     4. v. to reach, attain; gain, acquire, obtain
     5. v. to hold fast, restrain, detain, check, control; bind, fetter
     6. v. (reflexive) to keep back, remain, stay, hold position
     7. v. to know, grasp, understand, conceive
     8. v. to recollect, retain knowledge of, remember, bear in mind
     9. v. to insist, uphold
     10. v. (of laws) to be binding on; bind, hold, obligate
     11. v. to comprise, contain, include, hold
     12. v. to hold someone's interest, to be interesting (to someone)
           Hic liber me tenet. - This book interests me; I find this book interesting.

     1. n. cave, cavern, grotto
     2. n. vault, chamber, cleft
     3. n. hold (cargo compartment of a ship)

     1. v. I have, hold.
           Spero ut pacem habeant semper.
             I hope that they may always have peace.
     2. v. I own, have (possessions).
     3. v. I possess, have (qualities).
           Annos viginti habet.
             He is twenty years old.
             Literally: He has twenty years
     4. v. I retain, maintain.
     5. v. I conduct, preside over.
     6. v. I regard, consider or account a person or thing as something.
           in numero habere - to rank
           Diemque cladis quotannis maestum habuerit ac lugubrem.
             And each year he considered the day of the disaster gloomy and mournful
     7. v. I accept, bear, endure.
     8. v. (of feelings, problems) I affect, trouble (someone).
     9. v. (Late Latin, Medieval Latin, auxiliary verb for perfect tense) I have
           Nec in publico vestimenta lavare, nec berbices tondere habeant licitum.
             They haven't allowed clothes to be washed in public, neither to shave sheep.
     10. v. (Late Latin, Medieval Latin) want, will, shall, should
           Feri eum adhuc, nam si non feriveris, ego te ferire habeo.
             Hit him again, for if you don't, I shall hit you.
     11. v. (Late Latin, Medieval Latin, past imperfect with infinitive) would
     12. v. (Late Latin, Medieval Latin) I have to; I am compelled
           A patria Cathaloniæ se absentare habuerunt, et in fugam se constituerunt, ne justitia de ipsis fieret.
             They had to leave from the land of Cathalonia, and decided to escape, so that justice would not be made of them.
     13. v. (Medieval Latin, impersonal) there be
           Habet in Spinogilo mansum dominicatum cum casa et aliis casticiis sufficienter.
             There is a lord's villa in Spinogilo with a house and other buildings.

     1. v. I have, hold, own, possess.
     2. v. I possess lands, have possessions.
     3. v. I take control or possession of, seize, occupy.
     4. v. I occupy, inhabit, abide.

     1. v. I sit, I am seated
     2. v. I sit in an official seat; sit in council or court, hold court, preside
     3. v. I keep the field, remain encamped
     4. v. I settle or sink down, subside
     5. v. I sit still; remain, tarry, stay, abide, linger, loiter; sit around
     6. v. I hold or hang fast or firm; I am established
     7. v. (Medieval Latin, Ibero-Romance) I am
           Pueri claustrales et bachalarii descendant in fine scalæ dormitorii, et illic sedeant.

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