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Translations for head and their definitions

     1. n. (of human and animals) The head.
     2. n.          (poetic) The head as the seat of the understanding.
     3. n. (transferred sense) (of inanimate things):
     4. n.          (in general) The head, top, summit, point, end, extremity (beginning or end).
     5. n.          (of rivers) The origin, source, spring (head).
     6. n.          (rare) (of rivers) The mouth, embouchure.
     7. n.          (botany, sometimes) The root.
     8. n.          Vine branches.
     9. n.          (poetic) (of trees) The summit, top.
     10. n. (literature) A man, person, or animal.
     11. n. (figurative):
     12. n.          Physical life.
     13. n.          Civil or political life.
     14. n.          (very, frequently) The first or chief person or thing; the head, leader, chief, guide, capital.
     15. n. (writing) A division, section, paragraph, chapter.
     16. n. (New Latin, anatomy) A headlike protuberance on an organ or body part, usually bone.
           caput ulnae - head of the ulna
     17. n. (New Latin, disease) A disease; a severe swelling of the soft tissues of a newborn's scalp that develops as the baby travels through the birth canal.

     1. Participle. placed in front
     2. Participle. placed in command
     3. n. One placed in command: a commander, a leader, particularly:
     4. n.          A prefect.
     5. n.          A chief, a head.
     6. n.          An overseer.
     7. n.          A president.
     8. n.          (Medieval Latin) A provost.
     9. n.          (Medieval Latin) A reeve.

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