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Translations for desert and their definitions

     1. n. a desert, wasteland
     2. Participle. nominative singular of desertus
     3. Participle. masculine accusative singular of desertus
     4. Participle. accusative singular of desertus
     5. Participle. singular vocative of desertus
     6. v. accusative of desero

     1. v. I free myself, withdraw, leave, defect, desert, revolt from.
     2. v. (by extension) I desert to, go over to.
     3. v. (in general) I depart, deviate, withdraw from someone or something; fall off from; I am unfaithful to.

     1. v. I leave, depart, desert, quit
     2. v. I forsake, abandon, give up
     3. v. I let down

     1. v. I flee or desert
     2. v. I take refuge
     3. n. dative singular of perfugium
     4. n. singular ablative of perfugium

     1. v. I flee to the enemy; I desert

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