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Translations for boy and their definitions

     1. n. a child; chit
     2. n. a boy, lad (typically between ages 7-14 but could be younger) (gloss, older than an infans but younger than an adulescens)
     3. n. a male servant or page; slave
     4. n. a bachelor
     5. n. boyhood (ex: in puero, "in his boyhood" or "as a boy")

     1. adj. young, youthful
     2. adj. minor (of two boys)
     3. n. a youth, a youngster; a young man, a lad; a young lady, a young woman, a maiden (likely between ages 14-21) (gloss, older than a puer but younger than a iuvenis)

     1. n. boy, lad, stripling
     2. n. young man

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