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The Korean word for two is

Translations for two and their definitions

     1. n. two

     1. two

     1. n. A tooth or teeth.
           이 없으면 잇몸으로 산다. — literally without teeth, I would live with the gum..
     2. n. louse
     3. det. this
           이 그림을 본 적이 있다. (i geurimeul bon jeogi itda.) I have seen this picture.
     4. pron. this (thing)
     5. pron. this person
     6. part. A particle marking a grammatical subject ending with a consonant.
           (ko-l, 이 치킨이 맛이 있다., , This chicken is delicious.)
     7. part. A particle marking a grammatical complement ending with a consonant, before (ko-l, 되다, , to become) and ko-l, 아니다, , (to be) not.
           An adverbial particle (ko-l, 으로/로) can replace the complement marker ko-l, 이/가 when the verb is ko-l, 되다, , to become.
           (ko-l, 물이 얼음이 되었다., , Water became ice.)
             (ko-l, 물이 얼음으로 되었다., , Water became ice.)
           (ko-l, 그는 사람이 아니다., , He is not a human.)
     8. part. A semantic particle which adheres to and puts emphasis on a noun or an adverb.
           (ko-l, 쟨 짜장면이 먹고 싶다(고 하)는데?, , She says she wants to eat jajangmyeon.)
     9. n. (dependent) a person.
           (ko-l, 말하는 이 없이 고요하다., , It's silent, with no one who talks.)
     10. n. 理(philosophy) (cosmic) reason
     11. n. ====Numeral====
     12. n. (cardinal) two

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