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The Korean word for one is

Translations for one and their definitions

     1. Number. one

     1. n. 하나: one
     2. n. 恨: grudge
     3. n. 韓1: abbreviated word which means Korea.
     4. n. 韓2: name of country.

     1. det. a certain, one, some
     2. det. (interrogative) which

     1. adv. only, solely, alone, exclusively, but

     1. only

     1. n. work, job
           앉아라. 우리는 할 일-이 있어. - Sit down! We have work to do.
     2. n. business
     3. n. matter, affair, concern
           무슨 일-이 있니? - What's the matter? What's wrong?
     4. n. day; sun

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