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The Korean word for light is


Translations for light and their definitions

     1. adj. light (not heavy)

     1. n. light, gleam, glow, gloss, glaze
     2. n. color, hue, tint
     3. n. fame, hope, outlook

     1. n. fire, flame
     2. n. light
     3. n. furnace, fireplace
     4. n. genitalia (mainly of males), scrotum, testicle, testis
     5. n. basin, bottom (as of a sieve)

     1. n. a place of storage, especially a granary.
           Proverb: (ko-l, 광에서 인심 난다, , compassion comes from the storehouse) i.e. only when one is provided for can one care for others
     2. n. light; a light
     3. n. luster, sheen
           note: in this sense the vowel is lengthened, (IPAchar, kwaːŋ)
           (ko-l, 광을 내다, , to be lustrous)

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