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はは - haha



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     1. Usage: In isolation, the character 母 has 5 strokes in modern Japanese – it is not simplified. In 新字体, sc=Latn, shinjitai compound characters, such as 毎 or 海, it is simplified to 4 strokes, as 毋
     2. n. (humble) mother
     3. n. Usage: Only ever used to refer to one's own mother when speaking to someone else. Still widely used in modern (cog, ja, -).
     4. n. (humble) mother
     5. n. Usage: Obsolete in mainstream (cog, ja, -). May persist in dialects.
     6. n. (obsolete) mother
     7. n. Usage: Not found in isolation, only found in compounds. Obsolete and unused in modern (cog, ja, -).
     8. n. (obsolete) mother
     9. n. a woman who breastfeeds and raises a child in place of a parent: a wet nurse
     10. n. (childish) mommy, mummy
     11. n. (obsolete) wife
           Seen in the (Edo period) among the lower socioeconomic classes. Used to refer both to one's own wife when talking to others, and to refer to someone else's wife.
     12. n. mother
     13. n. Usage: Almost never seen in isolation. Most commonly seen with honorific prefix o- and honorific suffix -san, as



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