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さじ - saji



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     1. suffix. spoon, scoop
     2. suffix. Usage: Only found in compounds.
     3. suffix. spoon, scoop
     4. suffix. Usage: Only found in compounds.
     5. affix. spoon, scoop
     6. affix. Usage: Only found in compounds.
     7. n. (obsolete) a scoop for food
           This sense developed from an ateji spelling of 木刀 (literally, “wooden blade”) applied to the food scoop meaning.
     8. n. spoon, scoop used for food
           私たちは匙でスープを飲む。 - We eat soup with a spoon.
     9. n. more specifically, a spoon or scoop used for compounding medicine
     10. n. by extension, medicine
     11. n. by further extension, a doctor
     12. n. Usage: In modern Japanese, the term
     13. n. Usage: The saji reading is the most common in modern Japanese when using this term as a standalone noun. The kanji spelling (匙) is rarely encountered; it is usually written in hiragana alone ((
     14. n. spoon
     15. n. Usage: This reading does not appear to be as common as the saji reading above. May be dialectal.
     16. n. (rare) a scoop
     17. n. Usage: Although the general term sukui can serve as a standalone noun, this particular 匙 spelling for sukui is only found in compounds.



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