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     1. n. plural of soma
          1. n. the load borne by a pack animal
          2. n. the measure of the capacity of a given animal to bear a load
          3. n. (poetic) a weight
          4. n. (medicine) soma
     1. v. second-person singular present indicative of avere
          1. v. to have
                Avevo un'anima. - I used to have a soul.
                Ho una macchina. - I have a car.
                Ho diciassette anni. - I have 17 years.
          2. v. (auxiliary) to have
                Ho fatto un errore. - I (have) made a mistake.
          3. n. property, substance
          4. n. (in the plural) belongings
          5. n. credit, assets
          6. n. swag
     1. adj. (possessive) one's, one's own, her (own), its (own), their (own)
           pensare ai fatti propri - to mind one's own business
           fare del proprio meglio - to do one's best
           in proprio - on one's own, by oneself
     2. adj. (possessive, peculiar) characteristic, peculiar, typical
           il cimurro è una malattia propria del cane - distemper is a disease peculiar to the dog
     3. adj. (possessive, grammar, mathematics) proper
           nome proprio - proper noun
     4. adv. (qual, really) really, quite, indeed
           Anna è proprio bella. - Anna is really beautiful.
     5. adv. (qual, exactly) just, quite, exactly
           proprio allora - just then
     6. adv. (qual, intensifier) very, right, at all
           proprio ora - this very minute
     7. n. one's own, what belongs to one, one's due
           a ciascuno il proprio - to each his due
     8. pron. (possessive) one's, one's own, her (own), its (own), their (own)
     1. adj. feminine singular of adjective uno
     2. art. feminine singular of uno
     3. pron. feminine singular of uno
     1. n. beauty, belle (beautiful woman)
     2. n. sweetheart
     3. n. fair copy (final draft of a piece of writing)
     4. n. showdown (deciding match)
     5. n. a Renaissance-style ceramic plate decorated with portraits of young women.
     6. adj. feminine singular of adjective bello
          1. adj. nice, fair, fine, pleasant; beautiful (of the weather etc.)
                Che bello! - How nice!
                una bella giornata - a beautiful day
          2. adj. good-looking, handsome; beautiful (of a person)
          3. adj. considerable (quantity)
                una bella somma - a considerable amount
          4. adj. good
                un bel lavoro - a good job
          5. n-m. beauty
                il bello nell’arte - beauty in art
          6. n-m. (weather) fair-weather
                Domani riprenderà il bello (i.e. bel tempo)? - Will tomorrow be back the good weather?
          7. n-m. (informal) man, fella
                Dai, andiamo, bello! - C'mon, let's go, fella!
                Allora, bello, da dove è che vieni? - So, man, where do you come from?
     1. n. face (of a person or an animal)
     2. n. countenance, expression, face
     3. n. side
     4. n. appearance, look
     5. n. (geometry) face, side
     6. v. first-person singular present subjunctive of fare
     7. v. second-person singular present subjunctive of fare
     8. v. third-person singular present subjunctive of fare
     9. v. third-person singular imperative of fare
          1. v. to do
          2. v. to make
          3. v. to act
          4. v. to get someone to be something
          5. n. manner, way
     1. v. third-person singular present indicative of tostare
     2. v. second-person singular imperative of tostare
          1. v. to toast (burn lightly)
faccia tosta
     1. n. cheek, nerve
     2. n. brass
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