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     1. adj. feminine singular of adjective uno
     2. art. feminine singular of uno
     3. pron. feminine singular of uno
     1. n. time, instance, occasion
           a volte - sometimes
           due volte alla settimana - twice a week
           tre volte tre fa nove - three times three is nine
     2. n. turn
     3. n. (architecture, anatomy) vault
     4. =Participle. feminine singular of volto
     5. v. third-person singular present of voltare
     6. v. second-person singular imperative of voltare
          1. v. to turn
          2. v. (transitive, rare) to translate
          3. v. (intransitive) to turn
          1. adj. facing
          2. adj. concerning
          3. n. face
          4. v. masculine singular past participle of volgere
          5. v. masculine singular past participle of volvere
          6. v. first-person singular present of voltare
una volta
     1. adv. one time, once
     2. adv. once, formerly
     3. conj. once, when
     1. v. past participle of accertare (feminine: accertata, masculine plural: accertati, feminine plural: accertate)
          1. v. to verify, check
          2. v. to assess
     1. art. the
     1. n. problem
     1. pron. (formal) alternative case form of la (you)
     2. art. the
     3. pron. (accusative) her, it
           La vedo. - I see her.
     4. pron. (accusative, formal) you (term of respect)
           La vedo. - I see you.
           Scusi se la disturbo. - Sorry to bother you.
     5. n. (music) la (musical note)
     6. n. (music) A (musical note and scale)
     1. n. ambulance
     2. n. field hospital
     1. v. third-person singular past historic of accorrere
     2. v. plural of it
          1. v. (intransitive) to rush (up to)
          2. v. (intransitive) to hurry (to)
     1. adv. immediately, at once, promptly, right away, forthwith, straight away
     2. adv. directly
     3. adv. as soon as possible
     4. adv. instantly
     5. adv. now
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