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     1. v. to pronounce
     2. v. to utter
     1. n. plural of parola
           Ci vogliono fatti e non parole. - Action is needed, not words.
     2. n. (music) lyrics, words
           Musica di Paolo, parole di Lorenzo - Music by Paolo, lyrics by Lorenzo.
          1. n. word (distinct unit of language).
                Ci vogliono fatti e non parole. - Action is needed, not words.
          2. n. word (something promised).
                Ti do la mia parola d'onore. - I give you my word of honour.
          3. n. speech (the ability to use vocalisations to communicate).
                L'uomo è dotato di parola. - Man is endowed with (the gift of) speech.
          4. n. instruction or truth
                La parola del Vangelo. - Gospel truth.
     1. v. gerund of esprimere
          1. v. to express
     1. art. the
     1. adj. (possessive) plural of proprio
     2. n. plural of proprio
     3. pron. plural of proprio
          1. adj. (possessive) one's, one's own, her (own), its (own), their (own)
                pensare ai fatti propri - to mind one's own business
                fare del proprio meglio - to do one's best
                in proprio - on one's own, by oneself
          2. adj. (possessive, peculiar) characteristic, peculiar, typical
                il cimurro è una malattia propria del cane - distemper is a disease peculiar to the dog
          3. adj. (possessive, grammar, mathematics) proper
                nome proprio - proper noun
          4. adv. (qual, really) really, quite, indeed
                Anna è proprio bella. - Anna is really beautiful.
          5. adv. (qual, exactly) just, quite, exactly
                proprio allora - just then
          6. adv. (qual, intensifier) very, right, at all
                proprio ora - this very minute
          7. n. one's own, what belongs to one, one's due
                a ciascuno il proprio - to each his due
          8. pron. (possessive) one's, one's own, her (own), its (own), their (own)
     1. n. plural of pensiero
          1. n. thought
          2. n. worry
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