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     1. v. (reflexive) to behave, act
     1. prep. in
           Ho qualcosa in tasca. - I have got something in my pocket.
           Partirò in primavera. - I will be leaving in spring.
           Vado in quinta elementare. - I'm in fifth grade of elementary school.
     2. prep. to
           Sono andato in panetteria. - I went to the bakery.
           Vado in quinta elementare. - I go to fifth grade of elementary school.
     3. prep. into
     4. prep. by
           Vado a scuola in autobus. - I go to school by bus.
     5. prep. on
           Ho messo un cappello in testa. - I put a hat on my head.
           Metti il pane in tavola. - Put the bread on the table.
     1. n. manner, way
     2. n. (grammar) mood
     3. n. (music) style, manner
     1. adj. impudent, cheeky
     2. adj. shameless
     1. n. (poetry) verse
     2. n. song
     3. n. cackle (of a hen or goose)
     4. prep. toward
           Il fiume scorre lentamente verso il mare. - The river flows slowly to the sea.
           Vieni verso di me. - Come to me.
     5. v. first-person singular present of versare
     6. prep. vicinity, proximity, nearby
     7. prep. around, near to, close to
           Arriverà verso mezzogiorno. - She will arrive around noon.
          1. v. to pour, to decant
          2. v. to spill
          3. v. to shed
          4. v. to empty
          5. v. to pay, to deposit
          6. v. (intransitive) to leak
          7. v. to beat in
          8. v. (intransitive) to be, to find oneself, to live
     1. pron. someone, somebody
     2. pron. (in a question) anyone, anybody
     3. pron. some (of them)
     4. pron. (in a question) any (of us etc)
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