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Google Translation:
Per un occhio allenato bastano anche dei fogli strappati

     1. prep. for
     2. prep. through
     3. prep. in or on
     4. prep. by
     5. prep. with
     6. prep. as
     1. art. an, a
     2. n. one
     3. adj. one
     4. pron. one
     1. n. eye
     2. interj. watch out!, beware!, mind!
     1. v. past participle of allenare
     2. v. past participle of allenarsi
          1. v. To train, to exercise.
          2. v. To coach.
     1. v. third-person plural present indicative of bastare
          1. v. to be enough
     1. adv. also, too, as well, besides
     2. n. plural of anca
          1. n. hip
     1. contr. of the, from the (+ a masculine noun in plural not starting with a vowel, gn, pn, ps, s+consonant, x, y, nor z).
     2. n. plural of dio
          1. prep. of, ’s (but used after the thing owned and before the owner)
          2. prep. from
          3. prep. by, of, ’s
          4. prep. than
          5. prep. (in superlative forms) in, of
          6. prep. about, on, concerning
          7. prep. (expressing composition) of, made of, in or more often omitted
          8. prep. (followed by an infinitive) to or omitted
          9. prep. some
          1. art. the
          2. n. I or i, the letter I or i
          1. n. god
     1. n. plural of foglio
          1. adj. (botany) leaf (attributive)
          1. n. (rectangular piece of paper, a thin, flat layer of another material) sheet
     1. v. Plural of strappato
          1. v. past participle of strappare
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