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Google Translation:
Mi sono scordato il dentifricio!

     1. pron. me
     2. pron. (dative) (to) me
           (Lui/Lei) non mi piace. / Non mi piace (lui/lei). - (He/She/It) not likes to me. / I do not like (him/her/it). / To me not likes (he/she/it).
           (Lui/Lei) mi piace. / Mi piace (lui/lei). - (He/She/It) likes to me. / I like (him/her/it). / To me likes (he/she/it).
     3. n. (music) The third note, mi.
     4. n. E (musical note or key)
     5. n. mu (Greek letter)
     1. v. first-person singular present of essere; (I) [[am]], [[I'm]].
     2. v. third-person plural present of essere; (they) [[are]], [[they're]].
     3. n. alternative form of suono
          1. v. (intransitive, indicating existence, identity, location, or state) to be, to stay
          2. v. (auxiliary, used to form composite past tense of many intransitive verbs) to have (done something); to
          3. v. (impersonal, of a duration of time since an event) to have passed
          4. n. being
mi sono
          1. v. (reflexive) To exist; to be
     1. v. past participle of scordarsi (feminine: scordata, masculine plural: scordati, feminine plural: scordate)
     2. v. past participle of scordarsi
          1. v. to forget
          2. v. (music) to put out of tune
          1. v. (reflexive) to forget
                Mi sono scordato il suo nome. - I have forgotten his (or her) name.
          2. v. (reflexive, music) to go out of tune
          3. v. (reflexive) to dissent, disagree
     1. art. the
     1. adj. tooth (attribute)
           pasta dentifricia - toothpaste
     2. n. toothpaste, dentifrice
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