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     1. pron. me
     2. pron. (dative) (to) me
           (Lui/Lei) non mi piace. / Non mi piace (lui/lei). - (He/She/It) not likes to me. / I do not like (him/her/it). / To me not likes (he/she/it).
           (Lui/Lei) mi piace. / Mi piace (lui/lei). - (He/She/It) likes to me. / I like (him/her/it). / To me likes (he/she/it).
     3. n. (music) The third note, mi.
     4. n. E (musical note or key)
     5. n. mu (Greek letter)
     1. v. second-person singular present indicative of avere
          1. v. to have
                Avevo un'anima. - I used to have a soul.
                Ho una macchina. - I have a car.
                Ho diciassette anni. - I have 17 years.
          2. v. (auxiliary) to have
                Ho fatto un errore. - I (have) made a mistake.
          3. n. property, substance
          4. n. (in the plural) belongings
          5. n. credit, assets
          6. n. swag
     1. adj. (of person) busy, taken up, preoccupied
     2. adj. (of thing) taken, occupied
     3. v. past participle of prendere
          1. v. to take, hold
                gli studenti prendono appunti. - the students take notes.
          2. v. to get, buy
          3. v. to pick up
          4. v. to eat, drink
          5. v. to borrow
     1. prep. for
           Ma io l'ho fatto per te! - But I did it for you!
           Te lo vendo per appena trecento euro - I'll sell it you for only three hundred euro
           Ho studiato per tre ore - I studied for three hours
           Questo รจ il treno per Londra - This is the train for London
     2. prep. to (indicates direction)
     3. prep. through
           Sono passato per il centro - I passed through the center
     4. prep. in or on
           Camminava ansiosamente per la stanza - He was pacing anxiously about the room
     5. prep. by
           Te lo invio per posta - I'll send it to to by post
     6. prep. with
     7. prep. as
     1. adj. feminine singular of adjective uno
     2. art. feminine singular of uno
     3. pron. feminine singular of uno
     1. n. broom, besom
     2. n. (card games) a Neapolitan card game
     3. n. (plant) briar, tree heat
     4. v. third-person singular present indicative of scopare
     5. v. second-person singular imperative of scopare
          1. v. to sweep, brush
          2. v. (transitive, informal, vulgar) to screw, fuck, ball, bang
     1. adj. feminine singular of vecchio
     2. n-f. An old woman.
          1. adj. old, outworn
          2. adj. old-fashioned, out-of-date
          3. adj. mature, ripe
                vino vecchio - mature wine
          4. n-m. An old man.
          5. n. only used in, vecchio marino
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